yehhh...i am tired i was looking ysterday all day how to delete whose words...i hoped to get some answers from windows live search,but all i got is more adwertisment of there product...please help ,because i am shearing this computer,no do i wanna see what others search,no do i want to see what i was up to...and no i know how to delete website history...thats my point i have no idea how to delete search words...

6 or 7?

If its 6, then Tools --> Options --> Content --> AutoComplete.

7 will have to wait until I get home.

if that worked, please mark the topic as 'Solved'

i have found options,content....but i havent found auto complete....

Its a button under the Content Tab in IE6, in the "Personal Information Section"

thak tooked some time time,as i am still learning...but it was very good and patient advice..

How can i delete information in autocomplete areas in windows (ex. in serach option )