so i got my computer about 5 mounths ago,and i was instaling all these programs,and if i didnt like them, i would uninstall,but the thing is,sometimes i tried to delete them part by part,and i think them stayed there,i have parts off games and program folders left,but i dont know wich is important ,wich is not.:$ and some the games i cannot unninstal,because,the program says that whey cannot find some sort off file.

Since your computer is still decently new, I personally would not delete anything that you aren't sure what it is because those may be important system files. As for parts of programs still sitting around, try uninstalling those programs officially through the Control Panel. Good luck :)

hi, safe way to uninstall program is to use the control panel add/remove programs, well some programs quite hard to uninstall, you can use the registry to uninstall program but just quite difficult

thanks...i am trying to learn more about my computer...and in the proceses i do many mistakes...but each day i get smarter

try using a program called vistamanager or winxpmanager. they are the best for completely removing programs safely. they even scan your hard drive and registry after uninstall to make sure all of the program is gone :)

just google them and youll find them because i forget the website. they give you a free 15 day trial.