I have a couple questions

The first is, I have a Domain Controller setup and have users in the activer directory. I want all the users to have there own mapped folder inside My Computer, could someone guide me on how I would do this

I also want to create a couple shares and map them automatically for a certain OU

My Final quesiton is could someone guide me or provide me a tutorial on how I would setup Windows 2003 so certain users can login from any pc and see there files etc... wallpaper

Would I need roaming profile, or would windows 2003 do this by defualt when I login to a computer using my credentials

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This blog should have all the information you need to create the login script using a bat file http://msmvps.com/blogs/kwsupport/archive/2004/11/03/17830.aspx (be sure to read the comments as well). If you have knowledge with scripting you can use this article from MS site http://support.microsoft.com/kb/244676/en-us.

Regarding your second questions when you say any computer do you truly mean ANY computer i.e. a users home system or are you referring to a computer within your domain?


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