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I am brand new to this site. This is my first post and I have a huge problem.It will be kind of a long explanation but if you can help me fix this ill buy you a steak dinner. Basically, I have my internet supplied through a company called suddenlink. Before suddenlink came to my town we were supplied through Cebridge Connections. Now, they only offer a 1mbps connection which is really all I need so I am not "bummed" over that. Now, my problem is when I am on the internet during the day my connection runs around 800-900 kbps, which is basically all I am expecting, but around 8pm my connection drops down to as low as 52 kbps, yes thats 52 kbps not a typo. At most in the evening I run at about 250 kbps. Now my connection will increase around midnight during weekdays. During weekends the speed doesn't improve till 1 or 2 in the morning. Now on to the next weird thing. I have a router. When I connect my computer through the router my internet works. When I connect my computer directly to the modem, I get no connection. When I connect my playstation 3 through the router I can get online, but when I connect it directly to the modem it wont connect, and I get a DNAS error. So, feeling ripped off I called the Sudden link customer support seeking help. What I got was basically "Sorry we dont know what the problem is, maybe you have a virus." So I decided to call back and talk to someone else. I talked to a guy who basically was just as mad because he couldn't help me. He told me my connection to my modem was good on there end but my connection from the modem to the network adapter on my computer was bad. So he tried to say my network adapter was messed up. But the problem I have with that is I have hooked my router through another computer and the same problems occur and also my playstation 3 does the exact same thing so odds are its not the network adapter. So he took me through a bunch of command prompt things with ipconfig and basically what I gather was reset my network settings. Still no progress was made. So all I am asking is if there is anyone out there who can help me get over this problem. Someone who can give me some feed back. Or is it that Suddenlink, the only provider my town offers, a bad company? My other option is DSL. Please, someone give me some advice on this.

It sounds like the ISP has the router as the device it expects to see. It may interpret the others as security violations.

The slowdown is not in your connection to the ISP. It is an overload in the ISP connection to the rest of the Internet.

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