Hi. I was at work in my call centre today when a colleage asked me to have a look at a customer issue. We support BT broadband customers, but we're not BT (they just pay us to do it). So, this guy is saying he's getting slow web page loading on his Vista PC, but during a remote desktop session to him it is shown he can download a 5 MB file from our speed test site at about 4 M bit / s. Considering the service he's using has a network contention ratio, this is quite good and certainly not slow enough to indicate a fault. However, when doing a tracert to web servers the report always shows only one hop being covered (which does correspond to the targeted server).

Needless to say we "refered the customer to their computer / software vendor". I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this kind of glitch before, or might know what could cause it?


Does BT/your diagnostic centre provide reverse Tracert services? As Tracert only shows one way traffic, would be interesting to be a reverse diagnostic done.