I`m using win2000 and I forgot my password and i have tried everything but I can`t get the same rights as my previous login the one am using has no rights and i can`t install any thing .So If you have read this can you help.

solution from: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/computing/kb/kb0747.html
There is no native Windows-based method for changing the Administrator password if you've forgotten it. The best solution available is to boot your computer with a special Linux-based floppy disk, which will allow you to change your Administrator password.

This disk may be downloaded from the Web at


If the utility asks for a registry path, it is usually winnt/system32/config. Depending on where Windows is installed, you can also try windows/system32/config, windows/system, or simply windows.

Is this the password for the built-in "Administrator" account, or simply an account you created that had Admin-level rights?