My wife's box got the dreaded about:blank hijack recently. I'm thinking this problem is a side-effect of this:

You know how in 2000 you can open My Computer, and along the side of the window, there are links to My Documents and My Network Places? Hers will not open. I've tried it with different user profiles, even, with no result.

I'm pretty sure all spyware is gone, HJT shows nothing, nor does Spybot or CWShredder. She's running Command Antivirus, latest defs, nothing there, either. Has anyone else run into this?

Only thing i can think of is to right click on them and check properties and make sure that something like this is in the target ! and same for mynetwork
C:\Documents and Settings\users name\My Documents

Perhaps a bug in Windows 2000. I just checked 6 Windows 2000 machines here, and those links don't work on any of them. I have never had an infestation of any kind on any of these machines. 3 are servers, 3 are 2000 pro. Do you know for a fact that they worked before? I frankly have never used those links myself 'cause I always get there a different way.