Yesterday I was on my computer for much of the day and it worked gloriously, now not so much.

When I turn it on the usual BIOS post comes up except it shows less info then usual. And it doesn't appear to recognize my keyboard as I press F12 to select the boot menu to no avail. I'm kind of lost here.

Should I go buy a cheap USB keyboard and see if that works because my mouse was lighting up and its USB? I imagine that once I get to the boot menu I'll select my drive and everything will be peachy keen. Or at least that's what I'm hoping.

I don't know why but it's working now. I've no clue what fixed it or what was wrong but I'll take it.

Funny, this happens with my Acer laptop too, now and then.
No worries, though, as a soft punch on its right side fixes this! Strange isn't it... And it always freezes at the USB detection.

I hope this method doesn't harm, I just gave out my version of the fix :D
(Oh I love doing this.)

Well, it still is acting strange. It takes forever for the BIOS to post entirely, it will get the top third of the screen and then stop. I leave for about a half hour and then the computer is booted.

I don't know how long it actually takes but it is bugging me because it used to boot quite quickly and nothing in the system has changed.

Nothing has changed...

Alright... What was the last time you cleaned up your computer? I'm just saying this because it might be a probability. Shake it a little bit, make sure the area around is dry... Does the computer have other symptoms besides this?