Hello, everyone -

I re-installed Windows 2003 on my server at home and made it a DHCP server. I am able to ping the other machines from it, yet none of my other machines can get an address. I have a D-Link router, pretty simple setup. I had DHCP running on my other server prior to obtaining my new server, and am tempted to decommission my new server and revert back to the old one to see if that one still works (I reinstalled Server 2003 on that one as well).
I would like to get this new server to work because it is beefier than the old one, but I simply can't understand why I can't give out IP's to my other machines. I have made sure the scope is active, but I have noticed that when I open the DHCP manager, it always says that the scope is not running and I need to click on it to make it "start".
Any ideas are much appreciated.

Does your server have 2 NIC's (network cards) installed?

Also, did you run the Internet and Mail Connection Wizard when you reinstalled?

Thank you for your reply. I just realized that it was Windows Firewall on the server that was blocking absolutely everything and that is why DHCP (and DNS, for that matter) weren't working. :)