I just got an Emachine in to repair. It is running windows XP Home. The original complaint was she could connect to her wireless router but couldn't go online. I brought it back to the shop and tried to connect to my wired network. I can connect to the network, ping the router etc. I can not go online or see any of the machines on the network. I know that there are firewalls within windows. I have shut them off along with any other setting I could think of that would stop it from going online. I scanned all of the user accounts for spyware and viruses. I removed the few that were found. I still can not go online. I even tried pluging in a Linksys NIC card that I am positive works. I still have the same problem. I am leaning towards a full reload. I also installed Fire Fox and still had the same issue. Netscape also has the same issue. I can not get online. The browsers are set to automaticaly detect the proxy settings etc. I went throught the Windows XP network configuration settings as well. Still no internet. I stuck one of my own hard drives in and loaded it with my copy of windows just to double check that it was a windows issue on the Emachine drive. It was. It went online no problem with my drive. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply. I ran the software on the Emachine and it worked. Thanks.

great. it nice when something actually works

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