hey anyone know whats the major difference between the intel quad cre 2 processor over amd turion64x2 processor or visi vera, a detailed explaination would help

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i think amd integrate the memory and bus controllers onto the cpu itself whereas intel chips have a southbridge and a northbridge (cant remember which is which, but one is the cpu and the other handles memory and buses - its a flat black chip on the motherboard and may have a small heatsink on it). Thats how slower clock speed AMD cpus can outperform an faster clock speed intel CPU

Personally i think the intel Core2 is better though.


k thanks i was looking for something more specific and more detailed thou anyone else ??? thanks thou james


AMD: many lanes for data to flow down, at reasonable speed.

Intel: fewer lanes but the data is travelling much faster.

AMD has a bigger Bus than an Intel chip but the Intel chips have a higher clock speed.


this has changed somewhat with the core architechture, now intel are focusing on efficienncy rather than speed

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