i bought a new xp upgrade hoping it wouldnt have as many problems as my other windows xp. the first time i tried to upgrade from 98 to xp (with new copy) it told me there wasnt enough space to back up 98 there was enough to load xp. i needed 200 mb more space. i have a 80 gig hd with more than half free. so i ran defragger, same poblem. so i copied some pics to disc and deleted them. 700 mb of more free space. defraged again. now setup tells me there is no physical drive with enough space to hold temporary files. i tried booting from disc and installing that way and it tells me it cant find any windows installed on the computer. im just a little confused, these r some of the same problems i was having with other copy of xp. thanks for your help. poemboy. :)

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i went to programs, accessories, system tools, drive space. it tells me that i am not using disc compression and that there is 2gb of space on drive c.(my hd). i check by right clicking drive c ,properties, it tells me i have used 28.7 gigs and have 45.7 gigs free. it also tels me file system is FAT32 if it helps any. thanks.

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