Hello all, I am replaceing the software and misc hardware on my main household computer.(long story) Should I stick with office pro 2003 or is it worth upgradeing to 2007. Have read some questionable reviews/comments about 07. We use it for basic household stuff, nothing really demanding. Any thoughts would be appeaciated. By the way the system will be a fairly fast xp pro machine ( not ready for vista yet). thanks in advance Andy

2007 is a whole new system the interface is very different than 2003, if you really want to upgrade get a trial version and see if it some thing you would want to use. Download here and check here for demo of how it all works

i like 2003 better

30 years have said to me if it isnt broke dont mend it. if 2003 does what yu need dont get the hassle to going future 2007!

Thanx all, kinda confirmed what I was thinking. Does anyone see future issues with compatability if sticking with 2003? I do like it better but if that's short lived I guess i would rather make a clean break now. thanx again

The only thing you need to do is install the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack. It's needed for new formats used in Office 2007.

There is no earthly reason for a home user to upgrade to Office 2007 and don't worry about it being out of date any time soon. It will be quite a while before most businesses change to 2007. It's too radical a change.

I'm trying to resolve a problem with Outlook 2007 now. It quit displaying graphics. Link is there and graphics can be copied to clipboard. No solutions on web, but several others with same problem. I have one PC that dual boots Vista/XP so I can learn Vista and Office 2007.

don't use office as it to expensive for me to buy, just to open a few files from emails .so i cant imaging if i did buy 2003 ,that i would go out and buy 2007 just in case some company sending me the files upgraded to 2007

Thanks again, All of your insite is appreciated, I think I'll stick with tried and true for now. I also agree that '03 will be around for a while. Sometimes it's nice to hear it from someone else though. My young son has a new laptop with vista and '07 so I can ramp up slowly if it seems needed. Andy