I finaly got all my programs back on my computer and then I download IE 7 and the explorer icon at the top of the start menu, up with outlook express, has no icon. I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but that didnt help. I would like this to be there so the other users will be able to see where they want to go.

Have you tried "Set Program Access and Defaults"?

I looked at that and all it does is restrict or alow access to programs. I dont think it has anything to do with the icon.

You could go into the HDD find the prog file that would open outlook, then make a shortcut for it, move that to desktop, then put it into the start menu.
Is that what u mean?

Nah, I did get it fixed though. I came across a site that suggested changing the colors from 32-bit to 16-bit. That brought the icon back but the colors look horrible so I changed it back and the icon stuck.

if your icons ever get screwed up (ever had the wierd thing where the folder icon was replaced by the one for a spreadsheet?) then you need to rebuild your Icon Cache. TweakUI can do that for you.

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