Alright i'm pretty new to all this computer stuff so any help whatsoever would be very much appreciated. ok here's whats going on. My computer was working fine and then last night it came back and said that windows 98 was corrupted. i called gateway and they told me that i had to reinstall my windows 98 so i put the first disk in and it ran through, then it prompted me to put the second disk in. i put the second disk in and it said that the media was not found. now the comptuer won't even turn on because the operating system cannot be found. after about half an hour of trying to figure it out i decided to call gateway back. they then told me that the media was on the disk but that i would have to reformat and reload my computer. they said that they couldn't help me but i could call some 900 number and pay 3 bucks a minute for like half an hour and thats not what i want to do. if anyone can tell me how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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