Hey everyone!
My names Laura and I'm brand new to this forum. I'll admit it...I know nothing about computers. But I really need some help!! Recently I have found some files on my computer that I can't get rid of! I'll tell you the whole story. I have XP. Recently it just hasn't been running so well. Soemone else used my computer a few times, and all of these files began showing up that did not belong. I can't delete them! They say that access is denied or that the file is currently in use. It is a mystery to me. I have tried using several different virus scanners but none of them pick up these files. I'm not sure if they're viruses or not. But snyhow, my computer is running incredibly slow. I want to do a massive clean-up of my computer, but I'm not sure how to go about this and I really don't know how to get rid of these files I can't delete! I know it sounds really confusing and I'm really sorry...I don't know about this stuff!! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!
Laura :cry:

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