I currently have 2 partitions: Win XP & Win ME & use Boot Magic for boot up. I was wondering if i could do a clean install of windows 2003 over windows ME, having Win XP & Win2003 as dual boot without any problems, would i have to remove bootmagic first? I aint taking no risks with this, it screwed me up before.

HEHEH the only way I know of to not take risks is to clone the drive before you do it, and do the upgrade on the cloned drive. Let us know how it goes. ;)

clean install of windows 2003 over windows ME=== thats a play on words ,clean install over Me !you do mean format the partition that me is on and install win2003 right !
I have never tried this but computers are suppost be challengeing aren't they !go for it and have fun ,nothing a clean install won't fix.:)

thats right -> format the win ME partition & install 2003. Partitioning, merging & all is a dangerous game, but u aint gonna know if it works unless u try it ;) shouldnt be a problem tho, im hoping.

Go for it ,Keep us posted !:)

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