macafee managed to lock up my computer, and outlook express. When I'd uninstalled it and finally got back into O.E., I found all my folders moved to Windows explorer, and I can't move them back, or open them. Move commands don't do anything. Any ideas?

Little more info please. Vista or XP? Xp right?

Also what do you mean be "Windows explorer"?
What is the exact directory?


Sorry for lack of info. It's XP. I meant that all my OE folders are stuck in My Computer, can't open them, can't move them. And I need 'em! Why Mcafee moved them out, froze O.E. and then my computer, is something else. I've now moved to Spy Dr., which is great.

Can you still get to them or view them? But not move them or copy? Should be c:\docandsets\username\localsettings\applicationdata\identities\*.dbx

Or something like that, i really have to look at it to get it right and i will if you want me to. Try taking permissions of them. If your in home go into safemode and move them to your profiles desktop. let me know and I will help as much as I can.

Agita, I can see all my OE folders in my computer, but can't open [view] them, or move them back to OE. I'll try what you suggest. Thanks for your help

you will not be able to MOVE them back to outlook. you have to open out look them import the setting and files back into the new outlook folder. this can only be done from within outlook. this will allow you to import all the previous email and address into the new outlook you have.

bobbyraw is Correct, you would need to go into outlook express and to import and choose mail and account settings. Then you would direct the path to the location of the >dbx files. Same with address book except you would direct its path to the .wab files.

Its a little odd that mcaffee would do that though( even tough I hate it )

Good luck