I want to connect to a network with windows xp computers and when I try and connect to a printer i get this message

something about restricting nt 4 drivers I think

any ideas

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can you be a bit more specific. what is the exact message. is the printer connected to a print server or directly to a pc and shared. if the printer is connected to another computer what is the operating system on the pc


Im not at work today so I can tell you that I am on a network and a brother laser printer I think and its on another computer through a parrallel that is running windows xp I think it is home I am not sure it is running xp tho but the message was like:

the policy does not allow nt 4 drivers I will tell you the full message tomorrow.


hehe Im not a netowrk admin I just play around with server 2003 lol :P how can I change this policy

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