I have 98 right now i want to know is there a way to install XP on top of it? and when it boots up i can choose what os i want to use, any help? I have one hard drive.

It can be done--do a search for "dual boot."

You'll need to partition your hard drive beforehand, and you should have 256MB RAM and better than around a 1.5GHz processor to be able to use XP comfortably with non-stressful apps.

Alright as for the partition how much space do i leave for XP? i got a 80gig and useing 30 or so (big games) and can i access the games and programs throgh exp and my boot up will be the samei huess what i am asking if i have trillian boot up with my comp will it so the same for XP, can i give XP like 5 gigs and when i install a game it goes over to the 98 part that most of my games are on?

Split that drive in half! Install Windows XP and ensure that you choose to install it to the second partition, and format the partition as NTFS. The Setup routine will do that for you, and all you really need to do is use a partition management tool to 'shrink' your Windows 98 partition. (The Windows XP setup routine allows you to create a new partition in unpartitioned space.)

Windows XP setup will also automatically create your dual-boot for you!

Unless those games of yours are DOS games, you can install them again under Windows XP, and I'd suggest you do so. Running them from an NTFS partition is more efficient, and will speed up load times for you.

Once you've given Windows XP a good run, I'm sure you'll not want to go back, and you'll in fact choose to shrink your Windows 98 partition down even more, and simply leave a small amount of room to cope with your older DOS-based games ;)

Windows XP is the best gaming OS you can find - kiss goodbye to BSODs!

I am basicly looking at a format cause i am going to install all my games over again? as for leaveing 98 i think not i love it to much

See if this helps you, please click HERE

Whats a good partitioning program?

Paragon Partition Manager is another good one.

I need to make sure, Windows XP (before i install it) will let me partition my harddrive cause i used partition make i keep getting an error.

Windows XP installation will NOT let you adjust the size of existing partitions. All it can do is:

- Delete existing partitions
- Create new partitions in unallocated drive space.

If you need to reallocate space from one partition to another, merge partitions, shrink partitions etc etc, leaving data intact, then you need to use a 3rd party partitioning program

So.... how do i create a partition?

The link in my sig "Need to install Windows again?" will lead you to a couple of articles which contain all the information you need - including how to create partitions with Windows XP installation routine.

One question do i need to format my comp? and how do you create a partition

A clean install (format) is usually preferred, but if you're not having any problems with your computer and have a lot of programs you don't want to reinstall, you don't need to, but you will need to use a 3rd party utility -- like PartitionMagic or Paragon Partition Manager -- in order to create another partition to put XP on.

Instructions for creating partitions are included in both the link in Catweazle's signature and the one I posted previously -- both of these, however, are based on a clean install. If you use a 3rd party utility, you would have to use their instructions.