I have win XP sp2 and i want install Windows server 2008 ?
I know that i can't upgrade .
Is any short way install server 2008 ?
I will format disk and install like a regular windows(I never before faced with Windows server 2008) . Can i do that ?

Thank you for your effort of reading .

it's very easy to install. just install it as usual


are you sure i can install it? or not. just like what humbbl says.
anyway im having the same problem too, but i will still try to install it.

Its got the exact same install procedure as Windows Vista, except there are a few extra questions about licencing etc....

Just be aware that Server 2008 is even more stringent than other Windows releases on the signed-driver issue.

@humbll - he already said he knew he couldn't install as "upgrade", so why even make the point??

As to "quick" way - no. An install is an install. I imagine install times have improved as they did with Vista then Win7, but still an install :)