Hi Everyone! I need some pointers, please.
I would like to download some videos into my desktop, I am into crafts and there are some free instructional short videos at YouTube, for example, that I would like to download to practice at my convenience. How do I do that? I have never done it before, so I haven't the slightest idea of how to go about it. I have only watched things online.
I have Win XP. Does Windows XP bring any software for video downloading aside from the one that allows you to view them? If not, please suggest something I could get or download somewhere.

Thank you so much for all you do for people like me who don't know much.

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If i m correct then you tube videos are encoded and certain player would help u in playing them. google it and you will definitely find help on how to download n watch videos from you tube. i have seen an article sometime ago on this matter. There is a particular player you can use to watch those videos.



first don, save all these video to you desk top, create a folder on your C Drive to save the downloaded videos. then do a search on Google for a program to download videos from you tube.


Thank you very much, guys! I was hoping that any of you might point me to a software I can use. i have read up on it but I am a little scred about downloading software into my machine since sometimes, freeware comes loaded with critters and varmints.
Thank you as always.


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