In windows XP, when I click on C: or D: drive names in 'My Computer', the system treats it like a file asking "the program you want to use to open this file." However through Windows Explorer i can open the drives.

In my Folder Options View Tab, the setting for hidden files and folders, the second option button is titled correctly 'Do not show hidden files and folders'. However the first option button is titled "1". I cant unhide my files and folders.

I could reformat the drive but I want to extract my Outlook data. I can copy the hidden folder "Local Settings" through DVD burning, but when I copy the pst file in a safe computer, it gives message "Cannot copy, inalid DOS function". This damage has also disabled my speakers and mic on my laptop.

Some one please help me out of this crisis. I shall be very grateful

you can simple do a search for the pst file set the search to lokok in hidden folders then copy the file to another folder you created, then back up the folder. it also seem like you got an infection going on. you want to run a spyware/malware scan

Just use the "Export" function on the file menu.

Hey there
Great strategy from the previous posters,however Ill suggest going as far possible before doing a clean install.A couple of months from now you might run into the same problem(Beter yet your friend that insist on not having his OS removed-What a friend:D )

So with that said,run a virus program as the previous poster said,windows repair.Its most likely that you have a virus on you machine,but than again it might be something else.
Its worth the effort

open ur dos promt,n come in c:\
then type dir /ah
this will give u all system files n hidden files,
find autorun.inf ,edit it by typing edit autorun.inf
n save as in another folder,
now copy it with mouse,and paste into ur all drive,this will prompt for replacement of this file
click yes to replace n now delete it permanently by shift + it with all drive..........
u have to also search for amvo.exe or amvo0.dll ,these file present at c:\windows\system32
see it by dir /ah n edit it and delete same process (above)..........
restart ur system............
for hidden show.............type regedit in run command
go to following reg key.......
change CheckedValue by 0 to 1 if this key is not present then create it in dword value