I started my laptop today to find that I none of my desktop items showed up, the background wasn't the one I had set, and I couldn't right click on my desktop. Anything I try to open in my start menu doesn't work, and it freezes. I ran my virus scanner and noadware but the problem is still there. I tried opening the System recovery but it just freezes. What am I suppose to do?

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What am I suppose to do?

Take it to a computer repair shop.!lol
you say nothing you click on the start menu will run ,please tell me how you managed to the run the virus and malware programs .


My mom figured out how to get them to run, she's been working on it all day and we still don't know what's wrong. If I click on My Documents in the start menu, it freezes, then a popup comes up and says it can't be found. When going into safe mode it shows my user account and also an Administrator. We don't know where the administrator account came from.


We don't know where the administrator account came from.

its a default setup when windows is installed !

Go to safe mode and go into the admin account and go to users in control panel and create a new user ,reboot computer and go to new user ,it may be that the one you are using now is corrupt

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