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Recently in the midst of other problems I started getting low disk space messages. I checked my C drive, and sure enough 67GB/70 are used! My music takes up maybe 25GB and everything else I do is probably less than 1GB. Besides, I hadnt just used 20GB on anything when the messages started popping up. I cant load AOL, for lack of space. I deselected AOL on MSConfig, but it starts and crashes everytime I start the comp. It always says AOL doesnt have enough space to load.

So, I was rooting around trying to find out what is using all my space. In my System folder there is my C:, D:, Owners Docs, & Shared Docs. My question, are the Docs folders taking up additional space or is that space already accounted for in the C drive? If the Owners Doc folder is 10 GB and C drive 60, is that 10 included in the 60, or is the total 70?

What could be using all those GB? Ohhhhhh, while typing this post, I noticed a Backup file with 5,195,658 KB. Thats a lot irght? :-) It was just created a couple of months ago and I think my comp was in the shop then. Can I just delete this? Should I? If its not the culprit, how do I find out what is? This isnt some sort of spy/virus thingy is it?

Thanks in advance.

there should be no owners docs & shared docs in you system folder .

go to mycomputer and right click on the hard drive icon and go properties ,this will tell you how much space is free on the drive.
5,000,000 kb is about 5gb
also your os and program file will take up quite a bit of drive space ,open mycomputer ,open the hdd ,and go to documents and settings ,if you only have one user name on the computer it will show as admin and your user name ,right click on the main user and go to properties this will tell you the amount space taking by the user .

the back up file might have been created by the person working on your PC. if you need to regain some space right click on my computer choose properties then the advance tab, under user profile click setting it will show you each user on the PC and the amount of space each account profile takes up. as for regaining space right click on the drive choose properties and got to the general tab. click disk cleanup. it will run a scan on your pc and tell you cant can be deleted,. as for the owners doc and shared doc, take a look at the file if you recognized them they too might have been placed there by the person working on your pc, if you don't recognized them delete them

I may be new to this posting/helping thing but to see exactly what is taking up X-Amount of hard drive space, use a program called spacemonger(google it). It can show you graphically what is using how much space.I dont know if linking is allowed here.PS I dont own or affiliate with the site.Spacemonger

search temp folder in c: check the size , if it is more than 100 MB del it.
in c: it self a system folder will be there with name
System Volume Information check the size, if it is more try to delete old items by checking there access or creation date.

search temp folder in c: check the size , if it is more than 100 MB del it.
in c: it self a system folder will be there with name
System Volume Information check the size, if it is more try to delete old items by checking there access or creation date.

Thanks for all the advice everyone! I still going through the steps of the advice, but I have questions.

I already knew that I'm using 67.64GB and have 4.21GB. I just didn't know how.

I have a Temp folder in C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.YOUR-4651E4BE3F\Local Settings. It has more than 600 MB. Is that the right folder for me to delete? I also cant find the system volume information folder anywhere

Okay, so I a 5GB backup file. I dont have a back up hard drive or anything. Should I keep this back up file? I'm assuming it will save me if something happens to my computer, although I dont really know how since its also on the computer - but hey, I'm a little slow

Also, I made a mistake earlier. The Owners Doc & Shared Doc are listed under MY COMPUTER, not in the System Folder. I recognize the files in there, but they are exact duplicates of the files in MY DOCUMENTS. I assumed that the ones in the Owners Doc were there so they could be accessed through my home network. I didnt think they were being saved twice in two different places on my hard drive. I'm just wondering what is taking up all this space. My desktop is exactly 8 years old, if has half as much disk space as my the laptop that I've been using for a year. The desktop still has 12GB of space available. I just dont get it.

the mydocuments you speak of is the one on the desktop? if yes there areone in the same and not saved twice ,the one showing in mycomputer and on the desktop are just shortcuts to the other .download ccleaner find it with google ,it will clean out all temp folders on the computer

Okay, I'll try to make this the last question - at least in this thread.

I was checking for programs that I could remove. I noticed that I have

J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 10
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 2
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6


Java (TM) 6 Update 2
Java (TM) 6 Update 3

each one is more than 100 MB. Can I delete any of these?

only if you don't want java on you computer any more

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