Missing files - I recently recovered files off a dead and infected Lenovo through rescue & recovery. Most of the files came through fine except a group of music files. The directory and filenames are not showing up in explorer. Yes, all settings are OK so they should show. If I do a virus scan of the volume, you can see the individual files, but other windows programs and dos can't see. If I copy the directory, the files will transfer, but same issue. I feel like I am missing something simple?

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I had that problem too, and it had nothing to do with a virus. One company is using a file extension for its music files that is the same extension name used for a Microsoft installation file. The bad part is that the music program came out before MS grabbed the extension.

I had to turn on "display system files and folders" in the My Computer options to see my files. I also had to switch the file extension to the music program in Options. It requires an extra step when Microsoft wants certain upgrades, but it works.

Another possibility is that your folder has an illegal folder name, or contains an illegal nonprinting character in it. Try making a new foilder and moving the files there.

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