I recently preformed a Smart Recovery on my machine, which was bought with Windows XP already installed (no disc), now when I start my computer, when the Windows load screen appears, it is grey and it wont load, I have to turn the machine on and off numerous times before it starts. I am I.T. illiterate, so any detailed help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks, Nicho!

why did you have to do a smart recovery?
I don't believe that the recovery has any thing to do with the bootup problem. the fact that you can power down and then able to load point to either power supply, CPU or mother board. the power supply might be dying and cannot power the system effectively, the CPU maybe overheating, check for dust and if the fan attached works.

I was advised by a friend to reset back to the original just bought state as my computer was always stalling, apps were taking minutes to load as was i.e. This is my first P.C., so I'm just learning about things, I took the advice of a friend and now it takes between 5 - ~ minutes to get my machine up and running! Thanks for taking the time to help, Nicho!

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