Our company pc's all have XP Pro loaded. We have several mapped drives to our iSeries IFS folders. The drives have all been mapped and have been working flawlessly for months. A few days ago the mapped drives started losing connections. When we disconnect the drives and try to re-map them by using My Network Places we map the drives click Connect using a different user name (We use a generic group name, that is not a network profile, only an iSeries profile) click finish, then we get a pop up logon box. No matter what user id or password we put in there, nothing works, we can't re-map to the drive. However if we wait for a few minutes then try again, it will let us map, no problem. The connection/disconnection problem is sporadic. We haven't changed anything on our iSeries and the network folks haven't made any changes lately either. Has anyone else had this mapped network drive connection problem before?

I am only speculating but it sound like you have an issue with whatever computer your mapped drives are connected to. If it is in case of a server, your network admin should have a look into it. I do not know what OS your servers are running, but with server 03 some of the drives will disconnect if idle for a period of time, and you have to reactivate them. There could be a number of issues that is causing this, so try and stir up some more details and maybe the ol' DANIWEB community can help you out.