System is a 2000Pro with a HP 7450 Printer.

Hardware Device mgr clearly shows 7450 hardware and software as installed and running properly yet printer does not appear on PRINTERS PAGE-the ADD PRINTERS icon is all that shows and when that is clicked on the "OUT OF RESOURCES" "print subsystem unavailable" messages come up. Spooler shuts down each time I manually start it.

Looking in HKEY_Current_Config\System\C..C..S\Cont\Print\Printers shows the HP Photosmart 7400 Series as "PrinterOnLine:REG_DWORD: 0x1. But then under HKEY_Current_Config\Software\MicrosoftWindows\CurrentVersion\Print I find that the "PRINT" subkey file is empty.

Also, under HKEY_Local_Machine\System\Curr..Cont..Set\Control\Print that the subkey under \Print that should be \Print\Printers is not even there.

This started as a power failure during a 3 page print job. What can I do to reconstruct these subkeys and where do I find the values to enter?
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i've had the same problem for a week, and have reinstalled the drivers several times from the original disk.
no go.
after i see the drivers installed and i'm told that by windows2000 that i have a printer hardware and it's ok, i go to PRINT and am told to go to printer set up.
in keying SET UP, i get this error message:
printer operation cannot continue due to lack of resources. the print subsystem is unavailable.
what's particularly bothersome is that i had the identical printer - epson8400 - working on this same computer two weeks ago. the printer failed after i corrected a paper jam and pulled out the paper and some of THAT printer's celluloid parts behind the printhead.

epson sent me a new (rebuilt?) one.

it works A-ok in copy mode.
i know the connecting link is a-ok.
once in a while windows 2000 recognizes that i have a printer among my hardware.
"the (printing)device is working properly" my hardware review says...
it fails on the printed set up command.
one other symptom: on the add/remove programs, it lists epson printer software but without the size of the file,while two other epson programs (photo and scan) show a file size...
yes. the printer SUBSYSTEM IS UNAVAILABLE...where do i go to make it availanble, please...


Thanks...I have already tried this to no avail. Two weeks and I'm still without any printer. It won't let me load ANY printer, not just the HP 7450 that was running during the power failure. (Remember, under Device Hardware MGR, the HP 7450 is shown as loaded and running properly, even though it is NOT on the PRINTERS page.)


Perhaps the drivers have become corrupted. Try uninstalling the printer; then open the Printers folder and go to File, Server Properties. Click on the Drivers tab then select and Remove the driver. Also ,on the Advanced tab ensure that the spool folder is located on a drive with sufficient free space. It wouldn't hurt to restart the print spooler service or reboot the computer at this point; now re-install the printer.

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