Hi, I have a problem with my internet. I currently use wifi but this problem persists on both wired and wireless connections. Anytime I use firefox or any kind of internet it works fine for about 5 minutes, sometimes less, then it just stops responding. It doesn't disconnect mind you as everything else on the network can use the internet fine but if I try to use anything that uses the internet it perpetually loads making any kind of internet usage impossible. The odd thing is that according to my ping and pc I'm still connect to the internet but it just seems to be like frozen or something. I've used Avast, A-Squared, Ad-Aware, and Microsoft Malware Detector both they've all come up clean. I'm really at a loss here and this has been happening for four days. I don't know what happened but I do remember deleting a virus four days ago before this all happened. Please someone help me.

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do a system restore before the problem happened...

also, what version of firefox are you using? or internet explore?


Well I would except that the system restore doesn't go back that far. It only goes to the 17, one day after this began happening. Not only that but I tried the system restore and every time it kept saying that some error happened and it couldn't restore. I'm using the latest version of firefox but I don't know what version of IE because I never use it. I reinstalled firefox as well but it did nothing.


i see where the problem is...i dont know exactly what is causing it, but it has happened to me before...

after downloading the latest firefox, it didnt work, wouldnt connect to the internet and said the same thing you wrote above...it happened on a windows vista home premium and a windows xp...but my other windows vista home premium it worked...so im guessing its some firefox update they are trying to fix, and by latest, do you mean Firefox 3 Beta 5 or Firefox 4 (minefield?)

For both of those it happened...the only solutions i have found is using internet explore, (or downloading safari 3) or reinstalling the whole system...

as of yet, i dont know of any other solution...


oooooo I was afraid of that. Looks like I have no choice but to reinstall my OS. Unfortunately both IE and Safari suffer from the same problem as firefox. Those along with anything that uses the web on my pc, including steam. Well thanks for your help, I'll sniff around the web some more. I really don't want to reinstall my machine unless there is absolutely, bar none, zero other way to get back my web.


Hello I have a huge problem, I have a emachines desktop with vista, and I cannot connect to the internet, It simply states that My network is detected, but I cant access the internet. I dont have the money to take it to someone else, but It has a partition drive on it as well. It didnt come with a reformatting disk, and the guys from firedog (circuit city) stated they couldnt show me how to acees and reformat the system because it is a service they offer. They sold it to me and wanna charge me 200$ to fix it. If someone could help me, that would be thankful!


no problem junodude456, sorry i couldnt do more for you...

edomiteslayer, to reformat your hard drive you use a windows OS cd/dvd, when you run it, it will give you options to reformat your drive, either quick format or full format...

BUT, if you are formatting another partition or hard drive that your windows OS is not running on...there here are the steps...

For Windows Vista

1. Right-click my computer
2. Click MANAGE
3. On the left side under STORAGE click DISK MANAGEMENT
4. Right-click on the hard drive/partition that you want to format and it will say FORMAT if you can format it...

For Windows XP (In case you need it) its the same as windows vista...

I hope this is what you were looking for...as for the network, i cant really say or tell why its doing that...sorry...


It is a general connection problem of Windows Vista and the causes of an error in winsock , bind() function.

And the happy new, the error fixed with new updates in Service Pack 1.

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