Hello, I was wondering if I could have some help with a number of computers that are experiencing the same error. Basically the issues are steming from a spyware/virus infection that was related to,
- WInIFixer
- Infestop
- Spy Rid Remover
- Ultimate Cleaner
- Easy Spyware Cleaner

Upong cleaning up the machines using programs such as AVG 8.0, SpyBot, AdAaware and manual removal instructions, they start to produce a BSOD randomly on a daily basis. When I analyse the minidump files using WinDbg the error points to sisnic.sys

Now, I have tried reinstallling the drivers and using updated drivers from the Sis website but once updated, the new drivers cause the errors. I have even been as far as reloading XP from scratch and changing the NIC, but the BSOD will persist on the new adapters drivers.

I am sure this is software related as several machines are producing similar problems with BSOD's pointing to NIC drivers but I cannot isolate the problem. I have checked for conflicting IRQ's and memory issues, but this all seems fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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If anyone is interested I have found the cause of this is an MBR Rootkit called Backdoor.MaosBoot. Dr Webb is able to cure it.

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