The media player will move and the visualizations work, but no sound emerges. This happens off and on for no apparent reason. I can play (and hear) the same files with MusicMatch Jukebox, RealPlayer, etc. I have not installed any new sound cards or done anything differently. I checked to make sure all of my drivers and codecs were updated. They were. I've rebooted about fourteen times. I've just spent about 2 hours on the Microsoft site and can find nothing. I was hoping to find some kind of patch for the bugs in this player. Any ideas?

You know how sometimes your audio files play in a PowerPoint presentation and then sometimes they don't? I wonder if this is related to the quirky media player?

You've done a lot of stuff and I think you might have checked that already but it sound to me like it's muted. That or the default playback device for Windows Media Player it's not your sound card.

Try creating a new user profile on your computer and see if WMPlayer has sound in there.

exactly what u say is correct if u have muted the playing song