I am having a rather bizzare problem with an HP PC. The System is running Win98. Internet works fine when connected through network card on cable modem. Moved PC to different location and installed external USR 56K V-Everything modem (yeah I know - whats a MODEM). Connect to internet works ok but once the actual connection is established (not just dialed, but after verify username and password is complete) the keyboard becomes completely locked up. I can't get NumLock light to change state and no typing is permitted. HOWEVER the MOUSE WORKS!!!!

Keyboard is PS2, Mouse is PS2 and Modem is attached via Serial port.

As soon as I disconnect from the internet, keyboard functions resume.

I have checked for H/W Device conflicts when this occurs (since mouse still works) and none are being reported. The modem itself can't be causing it because if I remove the password from the dial up connection, it allows me to type in the password AFTER it has established a dial up connection. It is only after the username has been verified that the problem shows up.

Spoke to ISP and they are stumped. I have been working on these damn boxes for over 15 years and have never seen something as bizarre as this (especially considering it comes back on disconnect).

PS... I have update Anti-Virus software running and the most update Spybot S&D running. No unusual programs in place AND it still works fine when attached back to cable modem over NIC.


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That keyboard got special keys and proprietary software loaded for it? If so, try uninstalling the software, rebooting and letting the keyboard be detected and used as a standard keyboard. see if that disappears the problem. If so, try reinstalling the software to see if the problem returns. Could be just a bit of corruption with the keyboard driver.

That's what I thought too. The keyboard is an old style generic (Compaq) PS2 (std windows driver only) and I did actually remove the driver and re-install. I also tried through Windows update with no change.

The only other thing that I can add is that this HP Pavilion at one time in its life had an internal modem. That is long gone and I am using an external serial USR V-everything 56K Courrier. Perhaps the serial bus and the PS2 are conflicting.

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