Hi all,total newbie here,but willing to learn. The other evening while surfing the net the PC just crashed, it restarted OK but with the message" Rundll Error loading c:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~\bar\1.bin\MWSBAR.DLL The specified module could not be found". All seems to be OK apart from I can no longer go to "Standby",the screen just freezes and I have to turn off manually.Any advice much appreciated.

MWSBAR.DLL is part of the my web search toolbar. the error message means that the MWSBAR.DLL is missing or probably got deleted, most likely by your spyware software

most spyware applications see the my web search toolbar as spyware

I would run a complete scan of the computer just to make sure its clean

if you do have spyware this could be why the computer freezes

try spybot search and destroy


Thanks compdoc for your assistance, I have had some success. I had already run a full scan with no problems and have now tried spybot instead of adaware. The result is that I no longer get the "Rundll error loading" message but still when I try to go to standby I get the "Preparing to standby" screen which freezes so that I have to shut down manually by switching off the supply.

what kind of computer do you have?

Hi compdoc,sorry being slow on replying things have been a bit hectic here! Thanks for the link info but on reading it sounds like it may be better to wait for the next service pack so as not to open a can of worms on with such aminor problem. Incidentally my computer is an AMD 64 ATHLON.
Regards Dwurn.

are you talking about waiting for service pack 3. Its already out

just click start >all programs > Microsoft update

and you can get it there