Im not sure what happened, might have been my kids, but when i start my computer and the desk top comes up, theres a text that comes up saying 'warning spyware detedcted on your computer, install spyware or antivirus' then all these black bugs start showing up and eating my desk top.....I went to display to try and change my theme, but it wont let me delete it, and when i do change it, when i start the computer again, it always goes to the 'warning and then bugs appear. Its an altered theme, but i cant delet it or make the change stay. I hope i dont have a bad/damaging bug on my compute. forgot to mention i have an XP

Go to right click Start follow the tree to C:Windows\system32...slide the window bar all the way to the bottom and you will probably see this file..."Blackster.scr"

Delete will also probably see a few other dll's down there that were installed at the same time, if you can delete them do it if not...rightclick desktop go to properties and change your desktop picture to what you want...the bottom one will the the virus warning threat on your desktop, it is just a bmp you will find at the bottom of the system32 page...after changing the desktop you will be able to delete the bmp and that part is finished but you are about to have a few other problems...go to this link
and follow the instructions near the bottom (a little over halfway down) about running SD (be sure to load SD to the desktop and do not remove it from the Zip file until in safe mode in an Administrative mode (probably your normal log in...paste the Hijackthis report