got a couple of problems with my desktop which came loveingly
installed with windows vista . . .

my sister has installed and "apparently deleted" a webcam that needed
registering, and it constantly pops up that you need to register it . . . regardless of
if you register it keeps appearing . . . is now becoming annoying as i cant find the webcam
or the software to plug it in and solve the issue . . . any idea's????

second slightly less technical one is that microsoft narrator pops up every time
you start up and i cant find anything in the settings that stops it starting when windows does??? know you can change what starts up on XP but cant find out how to do it on VISTA . . . any idea's????

many thanks in advance dude and dudet's

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First problem possible solution: plug the webcam in, put the CD/DVD software in, than install the software...OR right-click on MY COMPUTER, than click MANAGE, than on the left side go to DEVICE MANAGER...search for the driver of the webcam...it will usually have a yellow caution triangle next to the driver without a driver or wrong driver or just something windows cant find...

Second problem possible solution: Click START...than go to CONTROL PANEL...go to EASE OF ACCESS, than EASE OF ACCESS CENTER (in classic view just click EASE OF ACCESS CENTER) on the left pane under tasks click CHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE SETTINGS...in there, uncheck the box that says...APPLY ALL SETTINGS TO THE LOGON DESKTOP...than click SAVE...

hopefully this will help you...Good Luck...


cheers dude will give it a try later on . . . .

god knows what i was thinking when i put XP in the title . . . guess i was just not with it lol



lol....i was wondering that too...but after i read your post i knew it was vista...

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