hi to all,

just a quick one as confused slightly...

have a compaq presarion laptop with a wireless card slot . . .

seemed to have walked into a mine field when trying to find one thats
not rediculusly expensive and still has a range of over a couple of feet...

running XP and would love some suggestions on which ones people would recommend
if any???

oh and where would be best to buy in the UK . . . .

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I don't know where you would get on in the UK (im from USA) but Linsys has a good wireless card. I would make sure that you get wireless G or N however. Good luck in your search. I have not had any trouble with mine!


have a compaq presarion laptop with a wireless card slot . . .. . .

you will have to buy one that is compatible with you laptop if you are talking about a internal wireless card . if you are refering to a PCMCIA slot wireless device then any brand will do ,
I am in Canada and use E-bay for some things ,i just bought this PCMCIA one for $.99 + shipping ,$20.00 altogether
.DWL-G650 - High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless 108Mbps Cardbus Adapter

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