I need some urgent and important help

When I first buyed my computer, someone installed Windows Xp Professional for me...
Everything went ok , untill I got some unwanted "visitors" in my computer...I meen viruses...
Then , someone told me to reinstall windows.. I did it ok... but after a while someone inserted again the windows cd and gave repair... but now I have Windows installed on Drive C and on drive D ... and a lots of viruses, too :'( (they come from C:\WINDOWS\system32 and they are all trojan horses..)

I want to uninstall Windows from drive D and get rid of the viruses,,,,

How can I uninstall windows?

Control panel, add remove programs doesn't work because windows xp doesn't appear in the list...

When you buy a computer is drive D empty? can I just format drive D and drive C and then install windows?

Please, can someone give me advice?

I have
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 1

Is there a reason that you want to uninstall both? Just format the "D" drive. You should not have to format both hard drives (although sometimes formatting is the answer). Do you have an anti-virus program installed? If you do, you should run it. If it is a decent one, it should catch your little nasties, and rid you of your problem. But only run it after you format your other drive. Let us know what you have, and what trouble you are having and we (someone here at DANIWEB) will get you all fixed up!

wow! That's an fast answer ! :icon_cheesygrin: Thanks!

I have an antivirus called avira home edition... and I update it every day and scan every day my computer..it detects my viruses but does not delete them... all viruses come from the same source c:\WINDOWS\system32 ... and all have the extention .dll ... they are all trojan horse... :icon_sad: (now for exemple I have trouble with one called geBuUnno.dll

and on my date 1 (D: ) I have different files with an icon like a setup like INSTMSI or INSTMSIA or INSTMSIW...AND I do not know what they are for... I just hope deleting them wont affect the rest of the sistem...

I will format D , but can't I format also C? won't this delete EVERYTHING I have.. including Windows... so I could install windows again?

I want to bring my computer to the state when it was bought and had windows installed for the first time...

To answer your question, Yes. Formatting your drives will bring you computer back to a normal state. But here is my question for you...do you plan on formatting everytime you get a nasty? I would check into a different AV, or at least download a free one from the net and use both of them to scan! Good luck to you!

I'll certainly look for another good AV.... it's just hard to find free ones...

Thank you for all your help! :icon_cheesygrin:

oh, no, there are lots of good free ones out there....i think the most popular is AVG, but there is one I like. Its from trend micro, and it is called house call. I use this one along with norton 360. It works great for me. Another one I like is windows defender. Good luck to you!