my first post here, not sure if this belongs in the hardware section or not? apologies if this is in the wrong place.
anyways....problem i have is that on my laptop (hp compaq nc6220), running xp pro, in device manager there is a yellow explanation mark next to: isapnp read data port.

Device type: System devices
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
location: on Intel(R) 82801DBM LPC Interface Controller - 24CC

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

so in resources and set config manually there is:

Input/Output Range 0A79 - 0A79 used by:
PCI bus
Input/Output Range 0279 - 0279 used by:
PCI bus

there is an option to change to: set basic configuration 0000 and specify up to six I/0 ranges

so what should i put in here?

not sure if this causing a problem on the laptop everything seems to be okay and running fine, i have only just bought it and this conflict was there from day one! what is this all about?

well there is one problem the screen flashes black when windows starts and the desktop is shown. not sure if that is related to the conflict! but even if it isn't just don't like the idea of something listed in device manager like this.

also there is no driver installed for isapnp read data port, even though this is listed:

Microsoft Windows Component Publisher

but when click to update driver popup says no driver installed???

can anyone help out with this please?

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This seems to be a file for ISA ports, which you almost certainly don't have.
In Control Panel/Admin Tools/Services, set this service to "Disabled" and see if the problem goes away.


thanks for the reply but there is no ISA ports service listed to disable? any other suggestions?

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