Hey all,

new user here. Can't believe I didn't registered here before because it's where I always end up when searching for answers to my questions! (re: java etc). Anyway, my question is..

I am dual booting Vista and Ubuntu. When I turn on my pc it gives me a list of options after the Dell screen comes up.

1) Is it possible to get rid of that dell splash screen?
2) How can I reorder the list so that ubuntu is NOT the first choice. (It goes to the first choice in a few seconds which is annoying incase I miss the screen and want to use Vista. I use Vista more.)


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1. IF Dell allows you to turn off the splash screen it would be done in the BIOS Setup. I think you can do it while booting using the Esc key; you'll see the usual bios stuff like testing memory, checking/discovering drives, etc.

2. Use the Startup Manager in Ubuntu to change the default OS.

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