Ok, my computer used to work fine until recently, ie7 began crashing (and mysteriously "auto recovering" tab sessions in a few seconds. I get this dialog box that says something about ie crashing, etc. It used to happen a lot on www.tigerdirect.com, but now it happens all the time. I installed and now use fire fox 3 (beautiful with a few addons) as my primary browser. Is there any way to get ie up and running again other than system recovery, restore, etc. Anyway, i am happy with firefox 3. Great job mozilla!!!

well...the only way i found is recovery...restore...you can try to delete it until you get to IE6...the default on the system and than reinstalling IE7...but i hate IE anyway...i use firefox...lots of add-ons...i have reminder fox...cool theme...weather...its very cool :)

You might wanna try to reset the IE settings. To do this, just go to Internet Options on control panel and under the Advanced tab, it will be the button that says Reset. This will remove all of the addons that you've installed to IE.

I've done that already several times. I even removed ie7, and reinstalled it. I even upgraded to ie8 beta and had the same problem, even with ie7 emulation mode enabled. I guess i got addicted to fire fox 3, and i will never go back to ie7 or ie8 again!!

i've been using firefox for quite a while now. before firefox was created, I use netscape and Opera. I only use IE whenever there are some sites that require them but I use firefox most of the time.