Hi all,
This will sound a little silly. I bought a lightly used, older HP tower a while back, which was being used as a small server and had both XP and Linux installed on it. The PC eventually stopped working, probably just a power failure, so I removed the harddrive. I recently got a second hand XP-running computer and took out its harddrive and put my old one in. As it booted up, it offered me the usual Linux or NT option, and I chose NT (which, when the harddrive was part of the old HP, always just loaded XP after you chose 'NT'.) But now all I get is a "Loading NT" message, and a few small colored rectangles, and the computer does nothing else, no loading or anything. I'd really like to just get the data off this harddrive (and then throw it away, along with the older computers), but I can't figure out how to access it. Any ideas? (sorry about the long description.)


Put the old hard drive back in and make other hd a secondary drive - XP installations are not swappable from one pc to another. You should have no problem -- er, don't forget to change any 'master' settings to 'slave' (or whatever).