Earlier I was using adobe premiere when my computer froze. When it came about after a few minutes it has since not been working properly. Its not as if its particularly slow - programs still fire up just as fast, web pages still load as fast etc. Its almost as if the memory has messed up or something. i can listen to music in wmp if i have nothing else open, but if i have, say, firefox running the music will lag. and will lag even more if i do something as simple as click on a folder in explorer.
my whole comp is like this, like i can only use a tiny bit of memory or whatever at once. i can watch a highly compressed video if i have nothing else running, but an avi file will just freeze up the computer until im forced to end the wmp process.
also when i start up my computer the windows loading screen stays there for about 5 minutes, and the welcome screen stays for longer than usual, start bar takes longer to appear etc.
this has happened once before a few months ago, and a system restore to before it happened solved the problem. but running ccleaner on my comp yesterday seems to have deleted all my restore points so thats not an option this time. im running xp home

Have you tried reinstalling Adobe Premire? That would be the first place I would look after cleaning out all the temp and prefetch data (which you have apparently done).

I dont understand how that would help? it may have been an overload in premiere or something that triggered the problem but i havent touched it since.
i forgot to mention that the first time this happened my computer was like this for weeks with no change before i thought to restore it

bump. still the same old, ive just been living with it for a while

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