hi guys .. i hope yu guys have a solution for me .. my window xp OS on my c drive had a fatal error where everytimei load and get to the blue screen it restarts endlessly .. im not sure how that happened .. this happened after i restarted my comp after a antivirus software suggested it after a scan. i think it might have removed a system file or so. anyway i was desperate so i installed another copy of win.xp OS onto another partition aka drive D .. it works okayy except it wont run some programs and let me install windows live messenger. i realised tht i had my important files on the older OS and i tried acessing them thru Cdrive>documents and setting>USERNAME and after USERname i cant acess my files on the c drive.. now im really desperate for any way to acessing them .. anyways etc other programs perhaps if possible.

so my OS on c drive does not load at the beggining but it still has the files in there because i checked .. is there a way tht i can get those files onto my new OS [ drive D ] so that i can back them up.. pls contact me on anbu_pryde@hotmail.com to help me with this problem.. thank you

A couple of things for you to do... the first is to "take ownership of XP pro files" and if you google that you will get the full how to - it is straightforward.
The second is this - cos you obviously have an XP installation cd you can repair the boot files in C: if they are destroyed....
1. Copy over to C: root the three files boot.ini, ntldr and ntdetect.com from D: root [in folder options you must uncheck Hide protected Op Sys files first so to see them].
2. edit C:\boot.ini to look like this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

-and save it. If it kicks up a fuss change its attributes to allow you to do that.
If that is not enought to get it started then ...
-run chkdsk C:
-if that reports errors run chkdsk C: /r
-remove the second hdd and do a Repair installation of Windows in C: [do not enter Recovery Console].
Say what happens.