Dear awesome IT blokes/blokettes,

Today a rather curious problem has started occurring on my Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 system; when I right-click on any disc image (be it .ISO, .NRG, etc) there's a brief moment when the mouse cursor changes to an egg timer, and then I get this error:

[b]Windows Explorer has stopped working[/b]

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem and try to restart the program.

* [u]Check online for a solution and restart the program[/u]
* [u]Restart the program[/u]

View problem details

[u]Problem signature:[/u]
  [b]Problem Event Name:[/b]           APPCRASH
  [b]Application Name:[/b]	        explorer.exe
  [b]Application Version:[/b]	        6.0.6001.18000
  [b]Application Timestamp:[/b]	4791970c
  [b]Fault Module Name:[/b]	        ntdll.dll
  [b]Fault Module Version:[/b]	        6.0.6001.18000
  [b]Fault Module Timestamp:[/b]	4791adec
  [b]Exception Code:[/b]	        c0150010
  [b]Exception Offset:[/b]	        000000000005fe0d
  [b]OS Version:[/b]	                6.0.6001.
  [b]Locale ID:[/b]	                2057
  [b]Additional Information 1:[/b]	a108
  [b]Additional Information 2:[/b]	e435a0285851e1df08a79700c4190725
  [b]Additional Information 3:[/b]	ad91
  [b]Additional Information 4:[/b]	7e16eb925cd28ef77172340892e23da8

I think I may know why this started. I reinstalled Windows today, and while Windows updates were downloading and installing in the background, I was also installing a number of other programs, including DAEMON Tools, UltraISO and WinRAR, all of which support numerous disc image formats (except WinRAR, which only supports .ISO). I'm assuming that installing these programs while Windows was updating has caused a problem somewhere along the way.

The problem only occurs when I right-click on disc images, which is weird.

So, can anybody help me solve this annoyance?

Thanks muchly!

EDIT: A small update - I uninstalled all of the aforementioned programs, then right-clicked on an .ISO image, and the normal right-click menu appeared with no problem. I then installed WinRAR, then tried right-clicking again. The problem occurred at that point. So, assuming WinRAR was the culprit, I uninstalled it, and then installed DAEMON Tools. The right-click problem happened at this point, too. So, it seems like some sort of file association corruption or the like.

Another update: the problem only occurs when the disc image is on the Windows desktop. This is getting weirder and weirder!

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