am working on windows printer drivers.
Am working on Unidrv printer driver and on some rendering plug-ins.

So while i try to debug the sample render code i used to face lot of problems like break points not touching my render code while debugging.

So i have gained a lot of experiences of how do we resolve these issues , hence felt like sharing the same with you all . they are
1. Check whether the correct .dll and .pdb is supplied to the correct system32 folder path.
2. Check if there are already any pending prints on the printer you gave for printing , if so delete all of them and try again.
3. Check if the printer you are using for printing is on the use printer off line" mode, if so change it to "use printer online" mode.
4. Try typing commands in the command prompt such as "net stop spooler" and later " net start spooler"

So these are all the possible cases which i found on my own...but now
again am having the same problem....i think there are still further cases to be taken care..
So any one who know about it plzz do help me.

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i could resolve the issue once again by my self and i have added the solution below

Adding to the above points
5. The source files we supply should be proper ie the source file which we build and the source files in the visual studio should be the same ie from the same destination.

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