I just got a new laptop and formatted my computer. I'm running windows xp home, 60 gig hdd, 512 mb ddr ram, 1.8 gig amd cpu.

My explorer.exe is slow at times and then it would just freeze and restart. It happens when I try to do a bunch of things at a time but I don't see why the explorer can't handle it. I would open a music file and then internet explorer and something else and then the computer would freeze. :!: I would wait for a couple of minutes and the explorer restarts. I've never experienced this problem before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Powel6016 :cool:

Is anything else in your machine acting fishy or just explorer.exe? i.e. once programs are open and in use, do they all work?

Yea, I've noticed Macafee Virus Scan using tons of Memory ie: 300,000. in the task manager under processes and then I just kill that process.


LOL !!

300 ?!?! uninstall that mcafee... don't hesitate

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