I have Windows XP

I like to copy and paste A LOT of different things. I have used a computer for 22 years and NEVER had this problem before except in the last week or two.

Example. If I have an existing Word document and there is a SPECIFIC sentence or paragraph I want to copy/paste somewhere else, THE CURSOR DRIVES ME CRAZY! It will NOT let me highlight EXACTLY what I want. It jumps all over the place and messes up my word document by jumbling the words around. I can highlight a whole sentence but then without warning it cuts half of what I want to copy/paste into another part of the original document. It lets me highlight a paragraph and when I lift the cursor off to click copy, the highlighted area disappears and I cannot copy to paste.

I like to visit www.gretawire.com which is a FOX news blog site. When I see something I want to respond back to, I TRY to copy and paste the person's name/date of comment and mamby the first 2 sentences AND THE CURSOR BOUNCES EVERYWHERE. I can highlight but as soon as I try to paste the highlight goes away. I have been cutting/pasting for YEARS and this is NOT rocket science but I CANNOT DO IT NOW.


Almost forgot, I KEPT GETTING MICROSOFT ERROR messages and my computer has been slower than usual so I:

1. Went into My Computer and searched for all temp files *.tmp,*.chk,~*.* and was surprised at the number but all deleted now.

2. I went to ccClean and updated all the obsolete programs including the newest Firefox.

3. Purchased this product to fix my registry errors http://www.maconusersgroup.org/RegistryBoosterReview.html SPEED did noticeably increase.

Don't know what else to do. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE? Classes start 24 Aug and when I am researching and cutting/pasting, I don't want my cursor all over the map.

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Try a different mouse.

I am having the worst time cutting and pasting since I updated to Outlook 2010. Any suggestions?

I am having the worst time cutting and pasting since I updated to Outlook 2010. Any suggestions?

since outlook is a purchased piece of software ,contact Microsoft and tell them your/there outlook 2010 update fudged up you computer

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