I have a video clip my son created that I want to email to others. It is 12mb and thus to large to email as is. I attempted to send the file to a compressed file via the windows xp option (ie. right click, send to compressed file). It created a nice looking zipped file with same name but the file size remained at 12 mb within a zipped file. Then created a new compressed file and dragged and dropped file into it.... still at 12mb within the compressed file once it was dragged in. Lastly, went to properties within the file itself and the advanced option that allows for compression of file- no change of the 12mb size. What am I doing wrong?? How can I put it into a compressed file and it still not change the file size...which is the whole point as I want to email it at a smaller (<6mb) size? Are there other ways to reduce file size to send. Many thanks.