I was surfing the net last night and i don't know what happened suddenly my computer started behaving very strange . every folder is opening in a new window , my keyboard is not working. When i select a folder it stays selected even if i select another folder,so iam forced to go back and click the same folder again to deselect . I scanned the entire system using bitdefender, but it says no problems. ANY IDEA ANYONE . please don't tell me to format the entire drive


format the entire drive......

lol...just joking...try scanning with antivir...avast...avg...or spybot search and destroy...try a few free programs...and maybe get a free trial of mcafee or norton and try those...if you cant find any virus...than your pc is messed up and you might need to perform system restore or reinstall windows...

Yeh and if all else fail then....

...format the entire drive. If system restore does not work then you can always try getting it sorted using the repair install of windows.


Yeah! It is spy attack in PC try to scan your PC with trend micro/AVG/Avast.

If still face some problem then try to repair your window first before going to format entire drive.